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Kangaroo Island Tours

An Island with Kangaroos…. and Sea Lions, Wallabies, Koalas, Possums, Dolphins, Whales, Rare Birds, Goannas, Echidnas & Platypus..

Our Kangaroo Island Tours from Adelaide are great for viewing native Wildlife in the wild. Kangaroo Island has the distinction of being one of the best places in Australia to view native wildlife in it’s natural habitat, Kangaroos, Koalas, Platypus, Tammar Wallabies, Echidnas, Glossy Black Cockatoos, Australian Sea Lions & New Zealand Fur Seals are often seen on tour.

There are a couple of reasons why wildlife is so easy to spot on Kangaroo Island;

1. There are no natural predators of the animals on the island and there haven’t been since aboriginal people ceased living on the island approximately 10,000 years ago, the wildlife over this time has adapted to a life of no predators and thus are a lot less fearful of humans, it is possible then to get very close to the animals in their natural habitat

2. There are few non native introduced species of animal living on Kangaroo Island. Foxes and Rabbits which live on mainland Australia (after being introduced from England in the 1800’s) have had a disastrous effect on native wildlife and are believed to be responsible for numerous extinctions, the foxes kill and the rabbits compete for food. This is clearly demonstrated with the survival of the Tammar Wallaby . 1000’s of Tammar Wallabies thrive on Kangaroo Island where there are no Rabbits or Foxes, but just 16 km away on the mainland they have been extinct for nearly 90 years.

Kangaroo Island Destinations

Each tour we offer visits the world famous Seal Bay Conservation Park. This park is home to one of the largest colony of the highly endangered Australian Sea Lions. Not only are you able to view the Sea Lions, you are also able to walk on the beach with the Sea Lions getting within metres of them in their natural environment, it feels just like being in a David Attenborough documentary! It is a truly amazing experience.

Other destinations visited on the  Kangaroo Island Adventure tours include Little Sahara – a coastal sand dune system where you can try sand boarding (like snow boarding on sand). Flinders Chase Conservation Park, which is home to Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and Cape de Coudic, Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Islands South Coast, (Vivonne Bay has been voted as Australia’s best beach) and many other unique and interesting places.

Kangaroo Island Tours from Adelaide

All tours we offer are Kangaroo Island Tours from Adelaide, you will be picked up from your accommodation at the start of the tour and dropped back at the end, all the hassle is taken out of booking and travelling to the ferry. If you are planning a private Charter you can also fly to and from Kangaroo Island.

Backpacker Tours
  • Basic Camping and Hostels
  • Suit Travellers on a budget
  • Comfy Busses
  • Great Fun & Great Destinations

Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tours
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Adventure Tours
  • Bush Camps in Remote Areas, Minimal Facilities
  • Suit Backpackers & Active, Fit Travellers
  • Longer Hikes & More Adventure
  • 4WD Vehicles, some with Side Facing Seats

Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours
Compare all Kangaroo Island Tours below

Private Tours & Charters
Want to do your own thing on your own terms? Talk to us about doing a private tour. We can handle small or large groups and specialise in remote areas and bush camping. We love overnight hiking treks. Travelwild Private Charter Tours

All Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours

All Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tours

2 Day Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tour

2 Day Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tour This 2 day Kangaroo Island Tour offers a great mix of Wildlife Viewing, Touring, Comfort and Adventure...
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